Saturday, 26 January 2013

What is the process of having a gown custom made?


Your first meeting with us would involve, discussing ideas of what you would like your dress to look like. Most customers will bring pictures from magasines to show design elements they like, or want to combine. I would do a quick sketch to put together ideas. Then we would show suitable fabrics, and make note of choices. We would give the cost of having it made, and the amount of deposit we require (usually about 20%). Also we will give a time frame of how long it will take to make your gown. There is no charge for consultations. Usually, the customer would take some time to think about what we discussed, return for a second appointment to get measured, and leave a deposit.

1st Fitting

Usually your first fitting would be the lining of your gown. This stage is so that we can shape the gown to your body, it rarely looks like the gown you have chosen. Bridal gowns may need a second fitting in lining prior to cutting the actual fabric. You will need to have the bra, and shoes you plan on wearing with your dress, to each fitting.

2nd Fitting

The actual fabric of your gown is assembled with lining. This is when it starts to look like the gown chosen. Still not completed so that adjustments can be made. It is possible to make minor changes or additions at this point, like adding beading. If there are additional costs involved, we would let you know the amout before making any changes. 

 3rd Fitting

The dress is complete. If your gown fits perfectly, you get to take it home. Final payment is due at this point.

The entire process can take many months to complete, therefore we recomend you have a consultation atleast 6 months before your wedding. We have made gowns in as little as 2 weeks, so feel free to check with us, even if you require a gown in a short period of time.

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