Saturday, 12 January 2013

Keeping Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Although it's sunny with a high of 14 degrees today, winter is usually much colder. We have several options for winter brides.

Long Coat
You could have one made using the same fabric of your gown. We also rent the coat in the photo below.

Cape Rentals

We have 3 lengths to choose from. Full length in ivory faux fur. Waist/hip length and short which falls 1-2" above elbows. We have other styles to choose from in waist length capes.

Bolero or Shrug
Not only for warmth but it might be necessary for a church ceremony. We can make either to match your gown. A polar fleece bolero is a warmer and more economical option. Photo below of a polar fleece bolero.

A wide scarf or shawl may give you just enough coverage and you can reuse it in the future over a coat. Many brides and bridesmaids use pashminas or simmilar type of shawl. They are available at most ladies clothing stores in shopping centres and are inexpensive.

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